The Shop of Premium Leather at the Best Prices

We have exclusive contracts with some of the most popular luxury leather brands and workshops in Europe to manage their surplus. Top quality hides with great prices up to 75% OFF. 

Now, you can use the exact same leather that your beloved brands, bringing your work to the next level, while not impacting the final cost. Unique pieces start with top quality leather, your talent will do the rest.

The store is managed by leather retailers, with more than 50 years of experience, and leather artisans and hobbyists. That way we guarantee the product is excellent, both from a quality and workability standpoint. 

The website is the summary of everything we have been looking for and never found. We offer measures of the number of square feet the hide has and also the “Central Rectangle” to help artisans figure out if the product fits their patterns and needs.

For the majority of the products, we will share images showing the overall look of the leather, a zoom in to show the top grain, some waves to demonstrate the firmness, the flesh side, an example of the whole piece and even a video. We work really hard to let you buy with all the information.

Take into consideration that, as we work with surplus, can’t guarantee replenishment of the hides. If you see something you like, consider buying it, probably it’s your last opportunity to get it at that price. Also, some of the colors of the hides we offer were just created exclusively for our suppliers, the luxury leather brands that provide us with their surplus, and not available anywhere else. 


We provide them easy access to the most exclusive leather, the opportunity to buy unique products at the most competitive price on the market.


We only offer premium leather, surplus from some of the best luxury leather brands; an extensive catalog selected by experts with a long tradition in leather.